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The Unofficial codingame contest is over

It's the first time I have ever organized a contest, and I was overwhelmed by the positive and supportive community 🤗

Thanks to all the participants and to Thibaud and the CodinGame team for the support ❤️

Congrats to the top 10 folks:

And to the top 10 folks in terms of progression:

Some numbers about the contest 🤓:

  • 📝 348 unique persons registered.
  • 🤖 143 players had a bot in the arena.
  • 🤗 204 folks in the discord server.
  • 📈 The Platinum Rift - Episode 2 multiplayer went from 1,623 to 1,721 folks on the CodinGame website (+98).

You can find more information about the contest on the contest landing page.

And you can share or read about the strategies on this CodinGame forum thread.