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Six months to 1,000€ MRR challenge

I have six months to build a startup to 1,000€ MRR

Goals bring focus, focus brings clarity, clarity brings peace of mind.

🎯 The goal

Like many folks I have been dreaming about building a profitable internet business. After recently losing my job, I have decided to give myself an ambitious goal.

My goal is to make 1,000€ Monthly Recurring Revenue within six months from a B2B SaaS product.

I have chosen this goal because nothing I do really matters, unless people are willing to give me their hard-earned cash for a product that they value.

The other reason is that this is enough money to pay for operating expenses and for food. It's not enough to pay rent and other spendings, but it would buy more time for me to focus on building the business.

🚀 Let's go

The best way to follow my progress is to follow me on Twitter (@thibpat) for live updates.

Thanks to Pieter Levels, Jon Yongfook, Andrey Azimov and to the Indie Hackers community for the inspiration 🙏

Wish me luck 🚀

🗞 Updates

How I failed my business in one month, what I have learned and what's next (Jul 27, 2020)