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Time to build a business again

Since the last newsletter, I've quit Ghost, celebrated my wedding and started working full-time on my own project: GenerateBanners!

Introducing GenerateBanners.com

GenerateBanners helps you generate many images from a template. It has of course a Ghost integration that powers the social media preview images of this blog.

This is a Software as a Service (SaaS) tool that started as a side project for 6 months and that I've left for a year. I'm so glad to come back to it!

A spreadsheet with data, an arrow to the GenerateBanner logo, three arrows to three images containing the spreadsheet data
Generate many images from a template

The last two weeks have been so rewarding. I've been mostly catching up with the feedback I had collected, so that the project could match the ambitious vision I have for it!

The pace of development is very high, which is something I love. I did get interrupted for a couple of days to support my baby who's teething 🐥

On the technical side, the main achievement is that I've removed Handlebars and moved to server-side React. It greatly improved the readability of the templating logic, and helped prevent cross-site scripting vulnerabilities (XSS), without compromising on the speed.

Feel free to check GenerateBanners.com!

And now it's time for me to create a proper blog for GenerateBanners, and to update the changelog that I've been neglecting 🙊

Thanks to the Ghost team who are an awesome bunch of humans and who helped me through the transition ❤️