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Happy new year 2022!

Happy new year 2022!
Photo by zero take / Unsplash

Already 2022! My baby is closing in on her 6th month and is bringing a lot of love at home. So I'm wishing you a lot of love for 2022 ❤️

What do you plan for this new year?

I'm gonna focus on my family and my work at Ghost. I'm also hoping to create more YouTube videos and push my product GenerateBanners further!


There are two states when writing code.

  1. Discovering a new product area, getting used to the codebase.
  2. Delivering on a product area you're comfortable with.

I'm enjoying balancing those two and hopefully will get more in depth with new areas of Ghost this year! More of these two things will be fun.


My focus will be taking care of myself to continue to be good to be around as a (future-)husband and a dad.

More sleeping for myself, more taking care of my family. Hopefully a simple-enough recipe for a great year.


I've released 19 videos in December, that was crazy! I was waiting for my family to go to sleep, then recording, uploading and releasing on the same day 😅

My most viewed video was the first one of the series, the introduction to Advent of Code.

This series brought 150+ new subscribers, the channel now has 350+ subscribers.

The most exciting part was that people started to comment a lot on the videos, with encouraging words, questions and feedback 🥳

In 2022, I'm hoping to create at least one video per month instead of creating everything in December 🤣


In 2021, I decided to start working on a long-term product. GenerateBanners.com enables you to create a lot of images easily from a template.

My focus was just creating the tech and beta-test with actual users. Shoutout to Harold, a no-coder who's been providing a lot of feedback 🤗

In 2022, I plan to implement more of the product feedback and be a bit more public about my progress (=more marketing).

For now this is a costly hobby (~60€ per month) as it's all free for all users. I might look into setting up a paid plan 💸